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Dieses Image heißt ‘The Pen Test Drop Box Distro for the Raspberry Pi’ und ist eine Sammlung von Netzwerktools mit denen man vom Pi aus sein Heimnetzwerk kontrollieren kann und vor allem allerhand Sicherheitsmaßnahmen testen kann. Insgesamt stellt dieses Image mehr als 200 Tools dafür bereit.


WEB  software.

  • Coppermine - Webfotoalbum
  • Contao - Content Management System
  • Drupal - Content Management System
  • SimpleMachinesForum - Umfangreiches Forum
  • CuteNews - News Management System    
  • Mediawiki - Professionelles Wiki
  • Piwigo - Umfangreiches Fotoalbum
  • Joomla! - Das beliebte Profi CMS
  • Typo3 - Content Management System
  • phpBB - Community & Forum
  • ilch - Clan CMS
  • Webspell - Clan CMS
  • Deluxemailer - Professionelles Kontaktformular
  • PCPIN Chat - Community Chatsoftware
  • OSCommerce - Profishopsystem
  • modifiedShop - Profishopsystem
  • OXID eSales Community Edition - Profishopsystem
  • Prestashop - Profishopsystem
  • b2evolution - HighEnd-Blogsoftware
  • Wordpress - Professionelle Blogsoftware
  • WebCalendar - Terminplaner
  • Gästebuch phpBook - Gästebuch mit Spamschutz
  • MySQL-Dumper - Backupsoftware für Datenbanken
  • spyderbasic
  • purebasic

Get Ubuntu run from a Pendrive   xbmc

Instructions for Windows

  1. Download Disk Imaging Software
  2. Download the latest OpenELEC Image
  3. Extract the image using the freeware tool 7zip.
  4. Insert your USB Stick into your system. It should appear as a new drive letter.
  5. Extract the image so you have a file ending in .img
  6. Extract the disk imager software and run Win32DiskImager
  7. Select the image file and verify the destination drive letter is correct, then click write.

When it is finished you can safely remove the card the USB Stick by right clicking on the drive in windows explorer and selecting eject.Works in 5 min.

Next getting Ubunto

found this link and i will Try this next

Ubuntu 14.04 (trusty) Raspberry Pi 2 image